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What are psychosocial issues that NDIS consider?

Australians living with psychosocial issues can experience a range of challenges that severely impact their life, especially in communities where there is a lack of social awareness of these disabilities. But what exactly are psychosocial issues and how can you get supports from NDIS to help with disabilities? Defining Psychosocial Issues Psychosocial issues, or psychosocial […]

What to prepare when going to your plan review meetings?

Lady with disability consulting with a staff member

If you are an NDIS participant, chances are you’ll need to reassess or have already made changes to your NDIS plan. Whether you need more supports, less supports or different supports, changing your plan means attending a plan review meeting. But what exactly does a plan review meeting involve?  What to Expect in a Plan […]

NDIS Housing: What is the process?

At Enaaly we aim to be involved in helping you find your new home from start to finish, assisting you through every step of the process. Below you will find our five-step breakdown of the process:  We assess your level of need Together with your family, we will discuss your level of need to understand […]

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